October 4, 2023

Allie & Jared’s Mercantile Hall Wedding


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Allie & Jared
Mercantile Hall Wedding

Where can I start with Allie & Jared’s Mercantile Hall Wedding? Everything about these two and their wedding day was stunning beyond words. Of course, it was beautiful. But it was the elements beyond the beauty that stood out to us the most – how Allie and Jared light up the world around them, or their absolute JOY at being together.

Allie and Jared met on the first day of their freshman year of college. Allie and her friend were early to class (had to make sure they knew where they were going), and Jared and his friend ended up being the next people to walk in. (Apparently the first and last time Jared was ever early to class. ????) They started chatting about Wisconsin, and hit it off.

After a month or so of “hanging out,” they went on an official first date – an iconic St. Louis night out, complete with ice cream martinis and a Ferris Wheel view of the city. For Allie, there wasn’t ever one defining moment that stuck out to her, but an understanding that it wasn’t ever about “IF” but “WHEN” with them. For Jared, the moment he kissed Allie, he knew he had to “ring that shit up.” ????

The Proposal – Allie’s View:

Jared and I made a habit of car dates in the thick of C*vid. Our favorite thing to go out for is sushi. We’d go get takeout, drive somewhere hang out in the car, and eat. When I would go visit him in St. Louis while he was finishing grad school, we would get sushi and go eat it by the arch and go for a walk. The day of our proposal started the same way, but this time Jared suggested we walk in a different direction. Of course, I had to give some pushback (why? What’s over there? Why do you want to go over there?)… Little did I know, he had a couple of friends waiting to take pictures of him proposing. It was so sweet and perfectly planned and in a place that came to be so special to us over the years.

The Proposal – Jared’s View:

I had been planning and planning the proposal for so long and I just wanted it to be perfect. We finally picked up our sushi and we’re going down by the arch to eat, like we had done so many times before. After we were done, I suggested we go for a walk in the opposite direction we normally do (because that’s where the photographer was waiting) and I thought Allie was catching on to me. I also had to text to let them know we were coming and was worried she would see it and I’d give it away. But finally, we got to the spot, I reached into my pocket, and dropped to my knee, and the look on her face made the whole thing worth it. That was one of the happiest moments of my life, by far.

We met Allie at her sister’s wedding (heyyy, Carrie & Peter, here’s lookin’ at you! ????). I really can’t describe the honor it is to be able to photograph a family not just once but twice. It’s so, so special. And Allie & Jared’s Mercantile Hall wedding day was beautiful in every way. Here’s the thing you need to know – Allie and Jared have a vibe. They’re spunky, elegant, genuine, and full of emotion (with lots and lots of joy). I think their wedding was the perfect outward expression of their love and personalities – all dripped out into physical details that show who these two are, individually and together.

I could go on, but you’re here for the photos. So without further ado…

Vendor Team: Reception Venue: Mercantile Hall, Ceremony Venue: Lake Lawn Resort, Florist: Molly & Myrtle, Dessert: Mama Bev’s, DJ: DJ Monte, Hair: Lexi Lee Hair, Makeup: Miss Lauryn Marie, Bridal Boutique: Bon Bon Belle, Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse, Rentals: Gertrude & Evelyn Vintage Rentals, Catering: Parkside 23, Photo & Films: Yours Truly, The McNiels

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