February 6, 2023

Beautiful Fete of Wales Winter Wedding


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Alyssa and Ryan’s Fete of Wales Winter Wedding

Alyssa and Ryan’s Fete of Wales Winter Wedding

We are so excited to share a peek at Alyssa and Ryan’s beautiful Fete of Wales winter wedding day! From the color palette, and the exquisite floral art, to the cookie dessert, this was a day planned to perfection.

How Alyssa and Ryan Met

Alyssa and Ryan met on the first day of Police Academy. Ryan happened to sit in front of Alyssa, so she would send him Snapchats of the back of his head with stickers of weird hats on him. We love that their relationship started with a good dose of humor and sarcasm. You can definitely tell that they love to have a great time together.

Although neither of them recalls a time when they absolutely knew this was “it,” they both recall a gradual understanding that their relationship was special and that they’d end up together. Alyssa told us that there was one day that stood out to her. Her parents were out of town, and she was watching their dogs for them. Their older dog got really sick, so Alyssa called Ryan. Although they hadn’t been dating long, he immediately dropped what he was doing to come help. He took her and the dog to the emergency vet and stayed with her all evening.

Ryan says that there wasn’t necessarily a distinct moment when he knew he would marry Alyssa, but rather multiple times where he would catch himself looking at her, knowing he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

The Engagement

Alyssa shared this story with us about their engagement, and we love how Ryan got the fur babies involved. It was a whole family affair:

We attempted to make authentic homemade soft pretzels from scratch. They tasted like dinner rolls, but that’s okay. The cheese was really good. We were eating our glorified dinner rolls and delicious cheese outside in the backyard under the string lights, and drinking wine. Ryan was acting really weird. Then he said he was going inside to get the tug-of-war toy for our dogs and that both dogs really needed to come with him. They came back out after a while without the tug-of-war toy, but both dogs were wearing matching pink bow tie collars, and Ryan was acting even weirder than before. I kept asking him why he was acting so weird and eventually, he told me to read the tags on the dogs’ collars. The tags said, “Mom, say yes.” Ryan got down on one knee and proposed with a little speech and a beautiful ring that looks like a little crown on my finger.

Their Beautiful Fete of Wales Winter Wedding Day

That brings us full circle to their absolutely stunning wedding day. Alyssa and Ryan hired a great team of vendors to help them execute the wedding of their dreams. As you can see from the photos to come, there was no shortage of meaningful details, perfectly planned moments, and a whole lot of fun!

A big thank-you to the vendor team from Alyssa and Ryan’s Fete of Wales winter wedding:

Wedding planner and coordinator – Katie with Willow & Waylon Events
Stunning florals by Joey with Remington’s Flowers & Co
Instead of a cake, they opted for Cookies from Crumbl Cookie
DJ and uplighting by Shaun with Smoov Music
Hair Art by Samantha and the Lexi Lee Hair Team
Makeup Art by Dina with Embrace Your Face Artistry
Bridal gown from White Dress Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaids dresses from Revelry
Men’s Wear from Men’s Wearhouse
Delicious food from All Occasions Bubbs Catering
Transportation from Top Travel Limousine LLC
Videography from Salem Media Productions
Photography from yours truly, The McNiels

Alyssa and Ryan love to have fun together, so we know this marriage is off to a fabulous start. We can’t wait to see how they grow in their journey as husband and wife!

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