November 20, 2018

Delafield Hotel Wedding | Amanda & Griffin


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Amanda & Griffin | Delafield Hotel

Amanda & Griffin’s Delafield Hotel wedding marked our final wedding of the 2018 season. We were so excited to spend it with these two joyous hearts. It was a cold, brisk November day, and we were all surprised by some lovely snow (or dreaded snow, depending on your perspective) 😉 the day before their wedding! The Delafield Hotel’s beautiful rooms were the perfect backdrop to capture all of their getting-ready moments. Amanda looked stunning in her wedding dress, and Griffin was quite dapper as well! After they were all dressed and ready to go, they got to share a special moment seeing each other for the first time. First looks are always so sweet; so much fun. With these two, it was all smiles and laughter!

While they weren’t exactly expecting snow for their early November wedding day, it certainly was beautiful! After their first look, we headed to Lapham Peak State Park (one of our absolute favorite places). The snow mixed with the November hues of golden grass and the bright sun was perfect. The ladies’ dresses and coordinating scarves paired perfectly with the stunning flowers, and we love how everything worked together! We grabbed some quick photos, and the ladies were troopers and tried to stay warm. (It’s a lot harder to stay warm in a dress!) 🙂 Then it was back to the Delafield Hotel for the ceremony in order to make it all official!

Amanda & Griffin have known each other almost since they were born. It turns out that they actually lived only a few houses away as youngsters. As Griffin recalled, he remembers being about 6 or 7 and running into a girl on her bike with “big brown eyes and bangs down to her eyebrows.” It was the first time he remembers thinking that a girl could be attractive, and he’s pretty confident that it was Amanda. We love all the history these two have together. From the memory above to their official first date in high school to their dating days through college until now, they’ve grown up alongside each other. They’ve navigated so many of life’s changes and transformations together and have become a rock-solid team. When you hear them talk about each other, they have very intentional things to say in praise of the other. It’s very inspiring and a beautiful thing to witness.

Their ceremony was perfect. With lots of laughter and smiles, they were pronounced husband and wife! Guests filed out to the cocktail room, where they had some live entertainment. (Amanda’s dad even joined in as well!) After family pictures and a quick jaunt to the bell tower for a photo with the newest Mr. & Mrs., guests were invited back in for dinner, dancing, and all the festivities! We are not alone in the fact that we just love how Amanda & Griffin are humorous, smiley, and fun-loving. They’re energetic and so sweet together, and their friends and family love it too. So the rest of the evening was spent in celebration of Amanda & Griffin. After being together for 9 years, it was time to celebrate the newest part of their journey: husband and wife.

We loved our time with these two, and we hope you enjoy these favorites from their Delafield Hotel wedding.

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Venue: The Delafield Hotel | Flowers: The Avant Garden | Dress: Premier Couture | DJ & Music: White Train Entertainment | Men’s Wear: Sandy Ley Bridal

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful photos. You captured prescious memories for a very special couple. 

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