August 11, 2023

Milwaukee County Historical Society Wedding


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Grace + Josh
Milwaukee County Historical Society Wedding

Grace and Josh planned a perfect celebration for their Milwaukee County Historical Society wedding! From cocktail hour on riverboats, to hilarious and heartwarming speeches, to a beautiful sunset walk around the river, their day was beautiful all around.

Grace and Josh met in a Latin American history class at Marquette University during their junior year. They sat next to each other, made small talk, and that was it… until the week of graduation. It turns out that Josh had a big crush on Grace all throughout their class together, to the point where he’d get super anxious and couldn’t even talk to her. While it didn’t go anywhere during history class, Josh KNEW he needed to ask her out and made it his goal to get her number. So when they met at a bar the week of graduation, he got her number and asked her out on a date.

Their first date was mini-golfing, and according to Josh it was “the crappiest mini golf place ever, so thank God conversation flowed pretty naturally.” They had such a great time together that day that Grace later told her friends that she wasn’t sure she could go on a second date… not because she didn’t want to, but because she had this nagging feeling that if she went on a second date with Josh, she would never have a first date again.

The Proposal

From Josh: “I browsed the internet every day for maybe 2-3 hours for about a month before I finally made the engagement ring purchase so I know way too many details about diamonds! So then about 3 months later we had a trip planned for Brazil and I knew I was going to propose there because I knew it was going to be really pretty and it was our first trip out of the country together. I knew it would be a great time to do it.”

From Grace: “We were traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for my spring break. Months before this trip I had secretly hoped he would propose when it was just he and I alone in Brazil. But when the time came to pack, I packed colorful tops instead of white and painted my nails bright red instead of light pink, I thought there was no way it would happen, he was acting too normal. We booked this incredible rooftop penthouse Airbnb for cheap, and we had the most incredible view of the entire city, mountains, and sea, it felt like we were alone on top of the world. We woke up each morning to catch the sunrise, the whole thing felt surreal. We planned the trip together, but the one thing that I was most excited for from the very beginning was a difficult hike to mountaintop on the second to last day of our trip. I figured if there was even the slightest chance he’s propose it would happen there. It didn’t. And I didn’t mind.”

From Josh: “When we were there we had so many plans every day that I didn’t have much time to think about proposing but I also didnt have an exact plan. So everyday I would have small panic moments of “Do i do it now,” but then the moment would pass…. Until the last night, when it was my last chance. Then the next 10 minutes of my life lasted forever because I was super shaky and my heart was going 200bpm. I thought Grace was going to think I was up to something, considering I was pouring us wine, and I could barely make it into the glasses. But she went to the bathroom, so I immediately grabbed the ring and got ready to propose. I knew I needed to do it in that moment or I would faint… and I waited until the last night, so it was literally my last opportunity before we would head back to the US. So I got down on one knee and proposed. Then we kissed and she freaked out a bit!

Grace and Josh planned an elegant, fun wedding day for themselves and their friends and family. Everything was stunning, but not without the joy and excitement that these two bring to literally every moment. They are all about laughter, joy, and enjoying each other. It was so evident how much they truly enjoy spending time together, and their Milwaukee County Historical Society wedding day was a beautiful reflection of that.

Thanks to these vendors for making their day beautiful:

Wedding Planner: Brittany with B-Rad Wedding Celebrations
Ceremony Venue: Church of the Gesu
Reception Venue: Milwaukee County Historical Society
Florist: Belle Fiori
Bridal Boutique: Bucci’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: BHLDN by Anthropologie
Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse and The Black Tux
Dessert: Liv a Little Ice Cream
DJ: Soundsational DJ
Hair and Makeup: Neroli Salon
Gabriel’s Horns
Riverwalk Boat Rentals
Photography & Film: The McNiels

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